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Mopur Vegetalfood s.r.l

Via Torino, 12
35035 Mestrino (PD)
C.F. e P.IVA 04148640289
 +39 (0)49 900 0907
+39 (0)49 900 8457
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Mopur Vegetalfood – food as health philosophy

We at Mopur constantly work to promote good nutrition. We believe in the truism that "You are what you eat"! Our ideology and direction are born from this belief, to manufacture foods that compliment our physical and biological rhythms, to utilize the wholesomeness of  wheat and legumes and to use "friendly bacteria" to reduce gluten levels to less than 40%. The result of this is a range of products that are light, tasty and easy to digest...

You can choose from a wide range of tasty and nourishing options: Mopur "Grano e Ceci - Harmonie Vegan" and "Lupino - Il Legume d'oro" products. With the ingredients available to us we can serve vegan dishes beyond compare. In addition, a totally egg-free Mayonnaise and a delicate Cocoa Cream with nuts are also available.

We only use all-natural ingredients, free from chemical additives, from totally organic sources. We process wheat and lupin to act as perfect replacements for meat... so tasty, you could hardly tell the difference! We aim to prove that eating well, staying healthy and enjoying good food is possible, even if you are "Veggie".

About us


Intrigued by these products, I bought them from the company website  and yesterday, for the first time, I tried them. I can assure you that it was a very pleasurable experience!

Now I am going to widen my vegan shopping list and I hope to be able to buy them locally as soon as possible!

Carla, e-mail to the company